Things to do

If you are not in the mood to relax by the swimming pool or swing lazily in the hammock in the shade, you can:

• Go to the weekly markets at Sant’ Angelo in Vado, Urbania or Urbino on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, respectively. For a more serious shopping spree, you might want to drive to the coastal cities of Pesaro, Fano, Riccione or Rimini., or visit the outlet Union Moda at Sant’Ippolito.

• Eat out at a fish restaurant in the port areas of Pesaro and Fano.

• Visit one of the many ‘Feste e Sagre’, fairs and feasts held here, especially in summer and autumn ;

• Take a walk along the torrent Burano, in the canyon Gola del Furlo;

• Go for wine tasting at Guerrieri in Piagge ( close to Mondavio) 

• Visit Mondavio, with its castle ,especially nice for children, and an interesting jewel and stones shop.

• Drive the 1 ½ hour mountain road to Frasassi where you can explore the enormous calcium caves and hike in the Gola della Rossa national park.

• Hike, up Mt Nerone, or simply drive to the top.

• Enjoy the countryside while pedalling a mountain bike along the many trails in the area.

• Visit the Fossil Museum in Apecchio.

• Visit the Brancaleone Castle in Piobbico.

• Visit the Ducal Palace and strange Mummy Museum in the Chiesa dei Morti Urbania.

• Ride through the countryside on horseback.

• Participate in a cooking class or a ceramic course.

• Enroll in an Italian language course in Urbania.

• Take a trip to Urbino and visit the stunning Renaissance Ducal Palace, the Botanical Gardens, and Oratory, and wander through the charming cobbled lanes of the city.

• Take a day trip to Perugia, Assissi, Gubbio or Città di Castello.